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  •  Are there Suppliers available in my area?
  • We cover all major suburbs in Australia. So, you can rest assure with our skip bin hire services to get a good supplier in your area.
  •  Can I move the bin once it is placed down?
  • It is requested not to move the bin. As moving it would result difficulties of not being able to recover the bin from where you have moved it to. Along this, this may also result in damage to our bin or truck or your property.
  •  How long is the hire period?
  • Skip Bins Hire is flexible with term hire period. It can be anytime up to 30 days, or if a bin is required for a shorter amount of time, that is not a problem. We offer complete freedom to have the bin up to a month for their convenience but it depends on our stock availability and Supplier. Also, when required we offer same day delivery and pick up too.
    For long term skip bin hire you might have to pay additional charges.
  •  What do I do about Asbestos?
  • We can help you with fibro sheeting and asbestos contaminated waste. No other waste will be allowed in such a case. For further queries visit our Waste Type page or simply contact us.
  •  What happens if a skip bin is over loaded?
  • In case, the skip bin is filled over the rim and it is unable to cover the contents securely, transporting the same can be problematic. Actually, it is illegal and cannot be removed. Thus, the driver will remove the contents on the top of the bin, which can be taken away in the next skip.
    But if the driver is unable to remove the overloaded material, you might have to contact the office staff to seek an opportunity to order another skip. Or you can ask for an appropriate collection date arrangement.
  •  What happens to my waste after it has been picked up?
  • A huge amount of waste collected from your site is passed through a waste transfer station. Here it will be separated to reduce the amount of waste going into the landfills. Then the recyclables are collected and sorted, followed by shredding, melting or crushing to form new raw materials. The remaining is then transferred to a landfill site, where it is deposited and covered.
    Skip Bins Hire is extremely concerned about environment and we ensure that we do our very best to keep our environment clean.
  •  What items cannot be placed in a skip bin?
  • To check out what you can add to the skip bin and what you cannot, please see our "Waste Types" page for further information.
  •  When and how do I pay for the skip bin?
  • You need to pay for all skip bin orders at the time of ordering on the website. As far as payment mode is concerned, we accept payment by all major credit cards. We have a secure server as well as SSL certificate to make you stress-free.
  •  Where can the skip bin be placed?
  • You can request where you would like the bin to be placed including driveways, front gardens, backyards, over low fences etc. Skip bins can be placed anywhere on your property as long as the area is accessible for the truck. But for the final placement, it is dependant at the driver's discretion. Actually, it is due to safety considerations. And these cannot be placed on council property, such as roads, footpaths and medium strips, without council approval.